The Rambler Press was founded in the summer of 2013 and was conceived from love for English culture,  history and countryside as well as handmade paper and Caslon type. Our main purpose  is to capture the beauty of 18th century books, the finest period of English typography: bygone historical ligatures, long s, ornaments, what once created exceptional piece of printing, sometimes called – without any exaggeration – “fine printing” . Work in the Rambler Press started in the place where, as Stanley Morrison famously put it: “… the careful printer has left off. For ‘fine’ printing adds something to what the careful printer has accomplished”.

Our books are printed by modern offset lithography, in hand made binding, with marbled paper on the board, and in very small circulation. But, more important than number of sold copies is pleasure of reading beautifully published books. This is what we would like to give to our readers.

As a publisher we have the right to have ideas, affections, and antipathies. All books published by the Press will always praise freedom and will fight all political utopias. The name of the Rambler Press is a tribute to Samuel



Johnson, one of the brightest writers of his times. As Russell Kirk wrote: ‘From Edmund Burke and Samuel Johnson, more can be learnt than from any other writers of the modern era’. These are also beliefs of The Rambler Press.